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Heart brooch

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width: 5.5cm

height: 5cm

How to wear a brooch

The brooch has indeed become an obsolete jewel. I use this term because in fact after the 50s it hasn't been used much anymore.

I've reevaluated it since I bought a vintage brooch with a red and blue flower from a colleague. Every time I put it on it makes me smile. In fact, perhaps it was the cheerfulness of this brooch that inspired me to create a very colorful and cheerful collection of the same accessory.

Anyway to go back to the initial question, since I adore my brooch with the flower as much as the colorful ones I made for you, I invented every excuse to wear it.

So now, very simply I'm going to list you all the ways I can think of how to wear a brooch.

A couple of ground rules before proceeding.

  • The brooch on jackets, sweaters, t-shirts, coats should always be placed on the side opposite the dominant hand. So if you use your right hand the brooch always goes to the left. The reason is simple, if you place the bag on your shoulder (usually that of your dominant hand) you risk tearing the pin with the handles of the bag or shoulder strap.
  • On T-shirts and light fabrics, use light pins and be careful not to damage the fabrics.
  • On sweaters, take into account the heaviness of the pin and the size of the hook so as not to pull the knit yarn.

SIDE: Depending on the type of jacket you can wear one or more pins, on the lapel, where there is or should be the buttonhole, on the left. If it's a chanel-type jacket or in any case without a lapel, always put it on the left more or less centrally, slightly below the height of the collarbone.

DOUBLE PINS: If you have twin or very similar pins, you can put them symmetrically on the two lapels or on the pockets. If they are very large you can even use them as frogs on the shoulders.

DOUBLE WITH CHAIN: Very particular are the double brooches connected by a chain. You can use them in various points of the jacket, one on the right and one on the left, hanging the chain on the front. For example on the lapels or the collar. Of course it depends on the jacket and the size of the pins. If they're small, you can put them on the collar of your shirt, under your jacket.

MANY PINS: Or, if you have several similar pins, for decoration, theme or fantasy you can put them in a massive way, all close together, always on the left. They will create a decorative element on the jacket.

BUTTON: If the jacket has a neckline that joins at the front, or has no buttons, you can use the pin as if it were a jewel button to close it.

BUCKLE: A very large and eye-catching brooch can be used as a belt buckle. Obviously if the belt doesn't have a buckle or has one small enough to be hidden by the brooch.

Heart brooch

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